I am sorry to say I am closing Athens Sports Massage at its current location. I am working on a way to re-open my bussiness safely (i.e. lots of fresh air and every possible control for sanitizing), in a way that will allow me to work full time again. Thank You so much for your patience as I keep trying to evolve Athens Sports Massage during this ongoing pandemic.

I believe , more than ever before, that the traditional method of supporting health and well being through regular hands-on body work is an important part of over all wellness both in body AND mind. people need more touch right now as we try  to stay away from each other and our lives become virtual-I want to be part of the solution that allows body workers in Athens, Georgia to practice without spreading CV-19, by providing a safe space to work.

 I'm looking into aternative spaces to practise....is a solar powered "massage RV" pulling into your drive way for your appointment a great idea? OR Large, outdoor "glamping" style canvas tents in my backyard a better idea?!? let me know what your ideas are!

Stay tuned and stay safe.